We decided that we would put together a website on finance because we know that it is a topic that everyone needs to know about. It might seem like a dry subject but it is really important and we all need to make sure that we are being careful with our money and making the right financial decisions. It is not easy though, because many of us have had no teaching in this area so we often have to guess. This is why we wanted to put together this website and provide information to help people out. We feel that the thing that a lot of people struggle with is making good financial decisions. When we need to take out a financial product, for example, we do not know what we should be considering and how to compare the different companies properly. It is important to do this so that we get really good value for money and therefore understand what we need to be looking at in order to achieve this. Hopefully, the articles on this site will be able to help people think about what sorts of things they should be looking for and help them to be able to get better value from the financial products that they are using.