Israeli LGBT politician: “Liberal Israel a myth for overseas consumption”

Nitzan HorowitzThe first out gay member of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, has condemned Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Nitan Horowitz accused him of using the issue of LGBT rights to attack Iran – while doing nothing to advance equality in Israel.

According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz (full text, registration required) Horowitz was scathing about Netanyahu: “In almost every major speech he’s given overseas in the last few years, he has used the LGTB community in Israel as a means to attack Iran. For that purpose we’re okay, showcasing Israel as a liberal paradise. I ask the prime minister what he has done to address the issue here. The truth is that for the last five years, during which he has headed the government, any advancement of the gay community toward full and equal legal rights has been frozen.”

Other members of the Knesset claimed that Netanyahu uses the word “gay” in speeches in English, but never refers to LGBT people when making speeches in Hebrew.