2014-15: steps forward against pinkwashing

Annual Report 2015We’ve just published an Annual Report for 2014-15.

Memorable points of the year included:

  • Joining a protest at G4S, who run prisons in Israel and the West Bank – they are now pulling out of these contracts
  • Marching on Pride London alongside victorious strikers from the Ritzy cinema
  • Joining the huge London protest on 19 July against Israel’s attack on Gaza
  • Organising a meeting with speakers from Palestine and America, attended by over 70 people
  • Fruitful discussions with Gay Star News about their Middle East coverage
  • A warm reception at the Palestine Solidarity Campaign AGM, where a motion was passed encouraging local PSC branches and unions to oppose pinkwashing by attending local prides and events for LGBT History Month

We’re now planning how we can raise our profile further, for example at union conferences and prides throughout the year.