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Pinkwashing is a cynical Israeli PR strategy. Israel uses claims that they support LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer) rights to try to divert attention from their human rights crimes against Palestinians. Pinkwashing plays on racist stereotypes – that Muslims and Arabs are all violently homophobic and transphobic, while Israelis are western and “civilised”.

This Group is Closing, but the Fight for Palestinian Freedom Goes On

After six years of campaigning, No to Pnkwashing has become inactive, so we are formally closing the group down. This website will go offline from mid-June 2020.

Of course the struggle against Israeli apartheid and in support of BDS continues, with the campaign against pinkwashing as part of it. In many ways those struggle are more successful than when we started in 2012. For more information about these issues, check out the following pages and websites: